Floor Plans

North Star Offices

North Star Offices is located in Redmond, WA. Large windows line the walls of both our first and second floor suites, enabling a great view of the Sammamish River Trail.

There are 9 private offices, 4 desks in the co-working space, and a large conference room. The size of the office and the layout we've chosen help create a community atmosphere.

Window Offices

  • Office A: 120 sq ft
  • Office B: 120 sq ft
  • Office C: 90 sq ft
  • Office E: 145 sq ft
  • Office F: 145 sq ft
  • Office G: 185 sq ft
  • Office H: 145 sq ft

Interior Offices

  • Office D: 100 sq ft
  • Office I: 120 sq ft

Conference Room:

  • 260 sq ft

Suite 101

North Star Offices Suite 101 Floor Plan

Suite 201

North Star Offices Suite 201 Floor Plan