Our offices are not traditional offices loaded down with cords strung everywhere, whiteboards, and fluorescent lights.  It's a very comfortable and professional working space.

Ideal for Therapists and Coaches

More than half of our current tenants are therapists, counselors, and life coaches.  They came to North Star Offices because our space is uniquely designed to work well for people doing clinical work.  Heidi, one of the owners of North Star Offices, is also a therapist working at North Star Offices.


We put a lot of time and effort into making our offices warm and inviting.  Our color scheme, lighting, and furniture were all carefully chosen to make our offices a place people enjoy being.  All of our offices have comfy furniture.  The smaller offices have an individual chair, the larger offices have a couch and a chair which allows for flexibility in meeting with individuals, couples, families, or groups. 

Flexible Schedules

North Star Offices excels at giving its tenants the flexibility they need. You can rent office space just one or two days a week (e.g. Mondays and Tuesdays from 9-5), during evening hours (e.g. Thursdays from 4-8), or on an hourly drop-in basis. Every plan comes with the ability to add additional hours on other days of the week when you need them. Itís like having access to a full-time office, without paying for one. This can be especially helpful if you are just staring a private practice.

Conference Room

Our conference room was designed to be flexible for multiple uses.  The extra-wide table works well for groups, and avoids having someone be at the "head" of the table.  The table can also be moved to the back of the room with plenty of room to create a circle of chairs for a different kind of group session.


Waiting Area Waiting Area and Walking Path

We have a comfortable waiting area for your clients or their families.  We also have a walking path (the Sammamish River Trail) right outside our doors for when a walking session is needed.






Click here to see all pricing information and setup fees.  Please email us about availability.