Our offices are uniquely designed to work well for therapists and counselors.  Find out why.

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Don't need your own office? There are 4 desks in our coworking space available part-time or full-time.

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Evenings and Weekends!

In addition to regular office times, our offices are available in the evenings and on the weekends. See the Pricing page for more information.

Private Offices

We have 9 private offices, ranging from 90 to 185 sq ft.   All but 2 of the offices are window offices with a view of the Sammamish River Trail and surrounding trees. 

North Star Offices excels at giving its tenants the flexibility they need. Every plan comes with the ability to add additional hours on other days of the week when you need them. Itís like having access to a full-time office, without paying for one.

Oversize Window Office (G)

A 185 sq ft window office set up with a desk, a comfy couch, and two comfy chairs, perfect for a therapist or counselor meeting with families or small groups.

1 day/week:  $285/month

Large Window Offices (E, F, H)

We have three 145 sq ft window offices, all furnished with a desk, storage shelves, a comfy couch, and a matching comfy chair.

1 day/week:  $285/month


Private OfficeSmall/Medium Window Offices (A, B, C)

We have three smaller window offices ranging in size from 90-120 sq ft.  They are furnished with a desk, storage shelves, and one or more comfy chairs.

1 day/week:  $190-$220/month


Interior Offices (D, I)

Our two interior offices range from 100-120 sq ft, and are cozy and private.  They are furnished with a desk, storage shelves, and two comfy chairs. 

1 day/week:  $160-$190/month

Optional Add-ons

Flexible hours package:  $70 for 4 additional hours each month
Locked storage:  $30/month
Personalized nameplate:  $65

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